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About the company

Display5 specializes in offering an enterprise digital media software platform for communicating via digital screens to the occupants of common areas: buildings, campuses, cities, etc.  Anywhere where people congregate is an opportunity to communicate your message:  Your own digital signage show; A live Town Hall address; Emergency notification; or updates on the status of your facility. We love and take pride in our work. Ease of use and powerful capabilities are our highly valued goals to allow you to create stunningly designed Shows or switch the use of the screens for another purpose in an instant.

We made a commitment to a web architecture enabled by the browser, well before the full browser feature set was available. That commitment has positioned our platform and our customers to take full advantage of diverse technologies finding common ground in the browser: Unified Communications (UC); the Internet of Things (IoT); and the Display5 Digital Display Platform.  Have an exciting project in mind? We sure want to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts and ideas, we would love to take part in achieving your dream project.

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Open Standard Web Technologies


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Enterprise Cloud Solution

Need Enterprise class capabilities?  We have all the modules you need to manage your digital display platform and to fit it in with your other IT platforms.

Enterprise On Premise Solution

If the Cloud does not work for your organization, we can get you set up with an on premise implementation behind your firewalls.

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Our Awesome Team

Paul Gragtmans

President, CEO & Founder

Technologist & Entrepreneur with over 30 years of IT management and marketing experience

Simon A

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

Head of product design and Development, Simon has over 30 years of IT software and hardware experience

Alistair Geoffrey

Sales Engineer

Alistair handles pre-sales and customer support for Display5 , he has over 3 years technology sales and IT experience, his previous engagements included IT services at a major Integrator and software support at web voice company.

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Google Chrome
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We think you will find Display5 to be both user-friendly and feature-rich.  Display5 will provide you with the flexibility to do much more than digital signage.