A Digital Media Communications Platform

Managing Digital Media content on a Network of Digital Displays

What does Display5 let You Do on your digital display network?

Digital Signs

Display5 is a 2nd Generation digital signage solution

Real-Time Stats & Alerts

Dashboard KPIs delivered to digital displays, mobile phones and remote desktops.

Room Availability / Booking Panels & Signs

Delivered in many different formats, on screens of all sizes.

Town Hall Broadcast

Live broadcast to your digital display network instantly and switch back to digital signage when event ends.

Video Walls & Kiosks

Supports Flash & HTML Wayfinding & other apps and any size Video Wall

Advanced Emergency Management

Automated triggers, manual override & ultimate configuration flexibility.

Social Media

Widgets for all major Social Media platforms.  Lots of customization options.

Corporate Video

#1 Platform for Corporate Video on Displays

Customized Widgets & Integrations

We build custom widgets and integrations.  Just ask!

Display5 is Built on 3 Foundational Principles 100% Web Technology;Robust Enterprise Attributes;Powerful Integration Capabilities


Future Proof

A 100% web based architecture ensures you have the most flexible content capabilities today & tomorrow.

A platform that has Enterprise Class

A flexible balance between Central & Distributed control

One of our core goals is to give Display5 the greatest suite of integration capabilities to:

Content Sources
Data Sources
Other Enterprise Platforms
Modern Design
Solid Backend
Amazing Support

DISPLAY5 Modules

Display5 has a single, powerful CMS, which connects with all the other robust platform modules.

Core Modules

Show Creation & Management (CMS)

Admin and User Management

Player Management

Screen Management

Advanced Emergency Management

Room Availability / Booking

Integration Modules

Contact Center Switch Integration

SQL Integration

SSO Integration

Kaltura Integration

Qumu Integration

WordPress Integration

Robust ROI with A Single Platform to Manage & Wide Ranging Capabilities

Increased capability across your network of displays

Increased flexibility for deployment of content

Simplified compliance and support for IT
Easier to manage different systems within one infrastructure
Greater control
Lower licensing costs
digital display network

A Simple to Use, but Powerful, Content Management System (CMS)

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