The Power of One

A digital signage CMS Open Source Platform

One Content Management System (CMS) for all content types and all display types – Digital signs, Video Walls of any size or for smaller tablet sized Room Booking panels and Retail shelf displays.  A digital signage CMS Open source Platform that works for any screen size.

One simple way to bring the powerful CMS capabilities to all your organization’s screens.

digital signage cms open source

Benefits of a Single CMS

Display5’s CMS has powerful benefits for your organization.

For basic content types, specialized widgets or new content classes, a single CMS will speed learning, adoption and deployment.

One CMS for any size screen – digital sign, video wall or smaller tablet size screens or panels.

A single CMS also delivers the ultimate flexibility for content delivery across your network of displays.

Include weather, videos or ticker messages on your Room Booking panels.  Include schedule information on digital signs, video walls for events or for corporate events and presentations.  The ultimate flexibility for content delivery across all screen sizes.


Easy to learn


Powerful capabilities


Any screen size


Any type of Content


Take our CMS For a Test Drive

Take our CMS for a test drive and see just how easy it is to use and get a feel for working with it.  There is online “How To” available if you are a beginner.  With just the click of a few buttons you can have your first Show up and playing!

Our free version has 80%+ of the capabilities of the commercial version.

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Display5 CMS HIghlights

100+ Widgets with consistent design parameters

The breadth and depth of the widgets keep growing, but they all have similar design features.

Amazing built in Design Features

Animated backgrounds, Animated effects, robust Social Media widgets, full video support and much more …

Display data in Tables, Charts and other creative ways

Sophisticated, simple and powerful ways to communicate to your audience, real-time and relevant information

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