Architecture Matters

How can Display5’s Platform Architecture benefit your Organization?

The Simplicity of a 100% Web Based Architecture

Gives your Organization a Powerful Technology Platform to build on & to build bridges with. A digital signage system architecture and a whole lot more.

Lower Licensing costs

Lower Operating Costs


More Capabilities – Today & Tomorrow

Simplicity and Power

What does a powerful architecture give you? .


A digital signage system architecture for all types of Content on Digital Signs,  Wall Mounted or Shelf Tablets and Video Walls.

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Unparalleled Integration

Web technology makes it Easy.  More integration increases the power of the platform.

Triggering / Switching

Instant content switching via automated triggers or manual intervention.

Multi-Purpose Players

One player per screen, enabling multi-purpose use cases.  No specialized devices for specialized functions.

An Open Web Architecture Delivers

Full HTML5 Functionality

Rich content support. The Browsers deliver it – Display5 capitalizes on it – Customers benefit

Cloud or On Premise

Deployment model is flexible and easy. Delivering what works for you.

Greatest Player Choice

Pick the Player that works best for you, or mix your player environment to suit different use cases

Modular Design

Start with the functionality you need, knowing the platform can meet future requirements

Digital Signage Systems Architecture

Industry standard technology for easier integration, Speed of Development and greater Supportability


The same architecture used to scale major Internet technologies

Can the digital signage software you are considering pass “The Clock Test”?

The Clock Test

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