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On Digital Signs

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On Wall / Shelf Mounted Tablet Sized Displays

Using Video on Your Digital Display Network makes Communications very effective

Display5 has digital signage video covered in every way …

Consumer Video

Easily add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your Display5 Shows

Widest number of Video Players

Display5 supports and is compatible with a wide array of video players: HTML, Flash, JWPlayer, FlowPlayer, VLC and Microsoft

Enterprise Video Platforms

Display5’s Platform is Tightly integrated to:

Kaltura:        Learn more

Qumu           Learn more

Display5’s CMS gives you Ultimate Flexibility when working with Videos

Customize the Start & Stop Time

Just want a 20 sec clip of your video to play?  No need to make a clip.  Just specify the start time. e.g. at 25 seconds, and the stop time.  Display5 automatically calculates the clip length and plays just the clip you want.

Full screen - Partial screen - Single or Multiple videos

Display5 gives you ultimate flexibility and control as to how you play your videos in a Display5 Show.

Resolution Support - 720p - 1080p - 4K +

Display5 allows you to play videos for any resolution screen in your Digital Display Network.

Closed Captioning

Display5 supports videos with closed captioning

Control and Tracking

100% flexibility on Scheduling when your videos play and logging when they played by simply turning on ‘Proof of Play’.

Customize the Video Play

Display5 lets you manage the look and feel of the video.  You can add transitions; change the opacity of the video;  play the video as a background; and add other content panels to compliment the video or live stream being played.

See how easy it is to add a YouTube video to a Display5 Show

Create a Display5 Show with a YouTube video

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