Enterprise Solution Overview

So many options and possibilities that even we, the creators of Display5 were blown away by the final result! Click the tabs on the left hand side below, to understand how the power of the Display5 platform can be harnessed in your organization.

Display5 – Show Creation and Management Module

Display5 provides a powerful, web based, clean-design, Show Creation and Management (SC&M) tool.  Our free cloud service offers the same functionality as our Enterprise version.  The only difference is that the Enterprise SC&M version integrates with all the other Enterprise modules.  If your organization needs an On Prem solution, then you need our Enterprise solution, which will allow you to enable unlimited users and departments all capable of creating their own Shows.  Using our free cloud SC&M service will let you immediately become familiar with our powerful SC&M tool.

Some prominent features of Display5’s Show Creation module

4 types of Show creation templates
Open Design Template – Unlimited & Overlapping panels
Play YouTube videos. Even a segment of a YouTube video!
70+ Heavily Customizable Elements
Pre-made Shows – one click add to your account
Content scheduling – by content piece
Live TV streaming – Whole Show panel or smaller panel
Unlimited Colors
Wayfinding apps – integrate and manage
Schedule Shows
Google calendar widget
11 video playback widgets included
Time & Date, Clock and Weather widgets
Media content library
Show sequences
Manage Shows from single ‘My Shows’ window
Easily import PowerPoint slides
Easy to use custom Tables widget (with CSV import)
Play your PDF docs
Landscape or Kiosk mode
Invisible panels
Customizable Google map widget
Embed widget – supports all kinds of embeds
Charts and KPI widgets
Play any kind of web content or web link in a panel
And much, much more

Manage & control your network of Players

Display5 uses a browser on a player to play your Shows.  This open architecture means that Display5 is 100% flexible as to what type of player can be used:  a Windows player; Linux player; Android player.  Any player that supports an industry standard browser – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.  You can even have different players and browsers in your network of displays.

As your network of digital screens grows you will want the ability to manage all those players.  Display5’s Player Management module gives you the ability to:

  • Check the status of your players
  • Send alerts when a player is down
  • Re-start a player
  • See what is playing on a player
  • Register Windows, Linux, Apple and Android players
  • Monitor network connection speeds
  • Assign players to: Groups, Shows and Emergency zones
  • Keep track of player’s: name, location and IP address
  • Log player events and transactions

Screen Shots from the Player Management Module

Manage & Control your Room Booking information across your Enterprise

The Display5 Room Booking module connects with your corporate calendaring system, either Office365, Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.  Once it is connected, you can now display room booking information on panels (or tablets) outside your rooms.

Display5 uses a single CMS, the Show Creation & Management module, to let users create canvases for room booking panels, digital signs or video walls.  One CMS, multiple canvas types.

This provides you with much more flexibility that most software platforms.  You can:

  • Include other information on your Room Booking panels, e.g. weather, ticker messages, videos, etc.
  • Include room booking information on digital signs and video walls, e.g. have a digital sign in a lobby with a floor plan and the occupancy of all the different rooms on a single display
  • Take over the room booking panels with emergency messages, using Display5’s Advanced Emergency Management module
  • Customize the look and feel and the type of information you want displayed on the room booking panels
  • Use a QR Code instead of a panel and have the same information show up on the users phone in seconds
  • And more

Screen Shots of the Room Booking Widgets

Manage your Display5 Users

User administration is a breeze with the fully integrated User Administration module. This module gives you very granular control over which Users have permissions to which functions:

  • Grant permissions to View, Edit or Publish content
  • Organize users into Group
  • Turn permissions on & off instantly for any Show

Screen Management gives you central control over screen functions

As you start to do more with your network of display screens, you will want to be able to centrally control the screen functions – power, volume, brightness, etc.  This requirement increases as you use your displays for functions other than digital signage.  If you schedule a Town Hall on your screens for an update from your President, then you may want to turn the volume on for the Town Hall but off again when the displays are playing a Show (digital signage).  Emergency situations may also present a need to turn the volume on or up on the digital screens.

The Screen Management module gives you all the control you need over the screens.  Just like having a remote for every screen in your network!

To take advantage of the Screen Management capabilities you may need some small hardware components installed with each screen or ask about a software only implementation of this capability.

Our Screen Management module offers some very powerful capabilities to manage your network of displays.

The most flexible and powerful Emergency Management module

Display5’s Emergency Management module provides you with ultimate flexibility and capability.  Pre-built emergency Shows can be triggered either manually or automatically.  Display5’s web based architecture allows instant switching from regular programmed Shows to emergency Shows – something that isn’t possible in digital signage platforms based on a player based architecture.

There are 3 Levels of Emergency Management available with Display5’s Emergency Management module:

  1. Emergency Show Creation and Management
  2. Integration to Emergency broadcast consoles, e.g. CAP or NOAA
  3. Capability of an emergency application module to:
    • Assign players to Emergency Zones
    • Interpret Trigger Events – both manual and automated
    • Accept API routing from other IoT systems, e.g. IP enabled Fire Alarm systems

Emergency Management Screen Shots

Sample screen shots of:

  • Creating a New Emergency Show
  • Emergency Zones Management
  • Emergency Message Dashboard
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Integrate Display5 with your Corporate Directory

Display5 provides full integration to your corporate Single Sign On (SSO) directory.  Authentication passes through your Active Directory and manages access to Display5 through your corporate LDAP implementation or other SSO implementations.  It simplifies and streamlines your authorization and access management for corporate users.  All part of Display5’s corporate integration capabilities.

Integrate Display5 with your Corporate Video on Demand Platform

Display5 can be fully integrated with a corporate Video on Demand (VoD) platform.  A corporate VoD system is a private, enterprise-class, YouTube like, database of media assets.  The integration of two critical video technology systems (VoD and Digital Signage) is a capability that more and more organizations are requiring.

Kaltura: Display5 supports full integration into Kaltura’s platform.  Full integration means that Display5 users can easily deploy content created within their Kaltura VoD account for use within their Display5 Shows.  The ability to simply connect to your Kaltura account ID, from within your Display5 account, and select the existing Kaltura media assets for use within the Display5 system, greatly simplifies the re-purpose of existing media assets.  Kaltura deployments have 1,000’s of media assets built up by users.  These can now be instantly accessed and re-purposed for use on the Display5 platform.

Display5 can play Panopto, VBrick or other VoD media assets as well, through the use of the embed function in the Show Creation and Management module.  Full integration to these VoD platforms will be prioritized based on demand.  Contact us if you have a requirement for full integration.

digital signage kaltura

Use Your Network of Digital Displays for Town Hall Addresses

Organizations are deploying digital signage LCD screens throughout their facilities.  Screens are typically placed in common areas where building occupants frequently congregate or pass by: lobbies, lunch rooms, hallways, cafeterias, foyers, etc.  There is a growing requirement to be able to easily switch these screens from digital signage to another capability on demand.  One of the most common and highest priority requirement is to use the screens for Senior Executives to deliver an internal employee update live.  This is often referred to as a Town Hall.

To easily switch between digital signage and Town Hall address requires either a very complex and difficult to mange hardware implementation at the screen location OR a digital display architecture that is common to both the digital signage deployment and the Town Hall address technology.   A web based architecture with the browser as the common player software is the platform architecture that will allow you to easily switch the use of the screens from digital signage to Town Hall.

Display5 architecture is web based and provides the ideal platform to easily switch between digital signage, Town Hall and other uses of your network of digital screens.

One CMS for Video Walls, Digital Signs and Room Booking Panels

Screens of all sizes are  being deploying on walls throughout the workplace.  Digital signs, room booking panels and VIDEO WALLS.  Screens are typically placed in common areas where building occupants frequently congregate or pass by: lobbies, lunch rooms, hallways, cafeterias, and foyers.

Customers want one Content Management system which allows its users to develop and manage content on all form factors.  One CMS to learn.  One Player Management system to manage all the players.

Display5 allows you to easily create a canvas of any size.  Simply specify the width and height of the canvas in pixels.  See the image below of the Display5 Show creation template which you click on to create your video wall canvas.

Then you simply specify the size of the video wall or large display that you want to create a canvas for.  In the example below the size of the video wall is 8,000 pixels by 2,500 pixels.

Display5 has been integrated with the Userful video wall technology, which means that once you create your canvas in Display5, you can power the display of the canvas on the video wall hardware with Userful’s powerful and cost effective zero client technology.

SQL Database Integration is easy with Display5

Organizations have databases that they want to tap into and display information onto their digital signs in contact centres, operations centres and even in common areas where they want to communicate organizational metrics to their employees or customers.

Display5 provides the ability to integrate to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012 and 2014, Oracle and other dbases.  Data and key metrics can then be displayed on digital signs anywhere and anytime using the Display5 Show Creation & Management module’s Table widgets, Graphs & Charts widget or in a customized form to meet your organizational needs.

Digital Displays in Contact Centres

Contact Centres have had digital signage deployed on their floors full of Agents for many years.  The digital displays are a way to communicate to the agents on the floor immediate information at a glance form their desks or as they walk the floor.

Display5 integrates directly into Contact Centre switches from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and many others, pulling critical data and displaying it in many ways:

  • Queue data; Average wait time; Longest call waiting; etc.
  • Create thresholds and display in different colors when the thresholds are hit
  • Email alerts when thresholds are hit and email reporting with snapshot of data sent on a schedule you determine
  • Combine stats skills for single results
  • And more …

This data can be displayed on the screens using Display5’s Table widgets, Charts & Graphs widget, or in a custom manner if required.

The Contact Centre screens are also used to communicate general corporate information to the Contact Centre employees:

  • Employee of the month
  • Events
  • Reminders for special promotions being supported by the Contact Centre
  • Live custom ticker information
  • TV feeds
  • And much more

And with DIsplay5’s web based architecture the Contact Centre displays can also be used for a live corporate address – see “Town Hall” section above.

Display5 gives you lots of Options to integrate Live Streaming into your Digital Displays

Live streams come in many forms: Video conferencing, security cameras, webcams, TV channels, and other broadcasting.  These streams have historically all been developed in their own technology eco-system, with their own standards and protocols.  They have been, and in many cases still are, islands of technology.

But they are all migrating to IP based technology.  As they migrate to IP based technology, the browser becomes they common software technology which allows these islands of technology to communicate to each other.

Display5’s web based architecture is perfectly suited to this migration to IP because it uses the browser exclusively as its player software.  Display5 is able to easily integrate live streams from IP sources.

Display5 works seamlessly with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Building systems, fire alarms, HVAC, security systems, etc., have historically all been islands of analog technology.  As these systems are upgraded to digital they become IP enabled, and have an address on the Internet.  The IP address opens these systems to a whole new world of possibility to connect.

In any place which people occupy in numbers – buildings, campuses, city scapes, etc, one of the best ways to communicate to the of occupants of these common spaces is through a network of digital signs/displays.  The only way to practically create the linkages to a Digital Display Network, is to ensure the architecture of the Digital Display platform is web based.

Display5 is one of the few digital display platform solutions that is 100% based on browser technology.  The player software is a browser – pick one.

Fire Alarm systems are a good example of a building system connecting to the building’s digital signage platform.  If the fire alarm system is a digital IP system, then it is possible to connect the two system so that when the fire alarm system goes off, it will immediately trigger the Emergency Fire Show to play on the digital screens, replacing the current digital signage Show.

Display5 offers a Technical Support Plan which includes FREE Software License updates

Display5 supports you and your users in many ways.

End Users support is delivered for the Show Creation and Management module in a number of ways:

  1. Built in “What’s this?”
  2. Built in “How to”
  3. User Forum
  4. YouTube video channel (coming soon)
  5. Pre-built Shows that can be added to your account with a click of the button

Level 2 & 3 Technical Support are provided with a Support Agreement in place.  Technical support includes:

  1. Technical Forum
  2. Support section on website
  3. Email support
  4. Telephone as required
  5. On site support is also available but this is an hourly rate, chargeable service.

Enterprise On Premise or Enterprise Cloud – Which Solution fits your Organization Best?

Display5’s FREE Cloud digital signage solution let’s you or any department within your organization immediately get started with creating and playing their own digital signage Shows.  The full feature set of our Show Creation and Management module is available to test out the powerful capabilities of Display5.

When your requirements evolve and you need more robust Enterprise features as part of your digital display platform, Display5 offers you the choice of a hosted Cloud model or an on premise server deployed behind your enterprise firewall.

Both solutions are modular – so only pay for the features you need!

Our Hosted Cloud model is billed on a monthly basis.  Our On Prem model is an annual license charge or a One-Time License fee plus annual Support & License fees.

Contact us to discuss which model and which modules are right for you.

DIsplay5 has been developed with the future in mind!

Display5 is more than digital signage.  It is a Digital Display Platform, which can function as digital signage, but allows you to use your network of screens to do much more – quickly and easily.  Why?  Because it is a product that has been built on web technologies only – HTML5, PHP, Ajax, etc.  It has been built using a web architecture.

What does a Web Architecture mean for your organization?

The browser eliminates technology isolation and tech systems that are islands of technology:

  1. For users, the browser is the access portal to the web
  2. For technology systems (like digital signage, or security cameras, etc.), the browser is the technology which glues or binds those different technology systems together.

Technologies which use the browser natively, will enable users/organizations to easily use a general purpose computing device (like a player) to do other things.  Note:  Browser plugins, or browser like capabilities within a proprietary application are not “native” to a browser.

What are the Top Ten Reasons your organization should use a Digital Display Platform based on a Web Architecture?

  1. Web architecture means that the software is Open.  It can be modified by your organization if desired
  2. A digital signage player which uses a browser as the player software can also be used to play a WebRTC stream without changing player software or requiring additional hardware components at the screen/player
  3. Using computing devices that support standard browsers ensures that you are not locked into proprietary technology which will might limit your flexibility and increase your costs.  The packaging shrinks, the power of small computing devices continues grow and the price points drop
  4. Most enterprises allow and support browsers and have no security concerns with using browsers to access information
  5. Almost all browsers can support encrypted communications (SSL) and so data protection is guaranteed
  6. The browser is rapidly becoming the desktop tool of choice with more and more applications offering browser access and in some cases ONLY browser access
  7. HTML5 video and audio content now is able to play directly in the browser with no plugins or add ons required , this means that corporate video and audio can be distributed with ease
  8. Web content is fully supported on just about every mobile phone and tablet that is shipping today
  9. Web Services are deployed over standard Internet technologies. This makes it possible to deploy Web Services even over the fire wall to servers running on the Internet on the other side of the globe
  10. The HTML5 features which are supported in the browser today are vastly superior to what they were a few years ago and as the capabilities increase with further features supported, the power of the browser will continue to grow

Display5 is Fully Documented

Display5’s thorough online Documentation takes your through the whole process of creating and playing your first Show.  The “What’s this?”, “Show me” and YouTube channel all combine to give you and your users the support just when they need it.

Display5’s Enterprise module documentation will assist the managers and administrators of the Display5 system understand all the powerful capabilities they will have at their fingertips.