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    We have done our best to test as many browsers as possible here at Display5. To date we have tried Android, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, IE , Firefox, Opera, Midori, and about another half dozen. For players the recommendation is to use Firefox as it seems to offer the best performance and the best array of plugins for more advanced features. When creating your shows bear in mind that the player you are using may be optimized for a certain screen size, the graphics chip runs best at say 1280×720 , and so your content should match this. Trying to play 3 videos, a ticker and RSS feed all on the same screen at once may present a challenge for the CPU in your player and the playback is hiccuping and not smooth. Chrome is also a good browser but we have noticed that when it transitions from dark image to dark image the browser may flash a bright white background in between slides , which can look unsightly. We are working on ways to fix this issue. If you do intend to use Chrome then perhaps create your image sequences using the media slide option in Display5 instead, or save the images as a movie , which is very easy to do, and the results may be a lot smoother.

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