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How to Consolidate Info from Multiple National Service Desks’ Status into a Single Content Show

National Service desk status is very important in, service organizations.  The heartbeat of the operation is the live status of their current service levels.  Live national service desk status is critical to the people who work there.  It is even more critical when the operations are spread out geographically.  Either:

  1. Over multiple service desks in different locations, or
  2. When the people in the operation are working from different geo locations. This can include agents working from home or service delivery providers who work from a different location.

We discuss here, the many ways to mix local content and system-wide content to play on company screens.  So, in this blog, we dive deeper into a national service desk status Show example.  This Show is built for an organization with multiple service desks in different locations.  Their requirement is for a single Show which reflects the up-to-the-moment status of each service desk. In addition, they also want some cross-company information to play in the Show.

National Service Desk Status Needs

There is also a need for individual service desks to have access to their portion of the screen content.  The access includes the ability to create and manage the content for their service desk.  However, all the information from the 3 service desks and the cross-company content all have to come together.  In addition, operational control over the single Show is important.

A Display5 Show has 1-40 panels in it of any size.  Each panel has a playlist of content which plays while the Show is running.  The Show is dedicated to playing system-wide content controlled in one of two ways:

  1. By one group, or
  2. Have several panels where the content in each panel is controlled by different parts of the organization.

But in either case, it must come together in the single Show.

National Service Desk Status Example

Screen layout for consolidated service desksThe requirement is to have a Show (single screen playing content) which has the simultaneous, up-to-date status of each service desk. This allows anyone in any of the locations to look at the screen on the wall and see instantly the service desk status for all 3 service desks. They will also be able to see some company content which is not service desk status related.  In our example, four areas or panels are required on the screen. Let’s make them equal sized sections. But they could be any size or shape on the screen canvas.

Each service desk is responsible for the information in their section of the screen.  They know at any time, exactly what information regarding the status of their service desk should be up on the screen.  So, anyone in the company operation can see or be aware of the status.  It is ideal if each service desk is responsible for keeping the information in their section of the screen up to date.  What are the alternatives to this scenario?

Alternatives to Multiple National Service Desk Status Scenario Above

  • Each service desk sends their status to a central location where it is consolidated and published. This causes delays and requires extra effort and associated cost. This is especially true if the service desks are in different geographic locations.
  • Having multiple screens (4), each one showing the status of a single service desk, plus the organizational info. This requires 4 times the investment in equipment; it still requires each service desk to update their screen information; and instead of looking at a single screen to see the status of 3 service desks and the company-wide info, you scan across all 4 screens.
  • Rotate the status of each service desk on the screen at a predetermined interval, say every 12 seconds. This option still requires each service desk to update their screen information and wouldn’t deliver the info at a single glance. A single screen provides the instant status of all 3 service desks, plus the company info.

A Show in a Show for National Service Desk Consolidated Live

Display5 has a widget called a “Show Container” which lets you create a Show made up of a number of sub-Shows. Using the Show Container widget, each of the panels in the example above is managed and updated independently from each other. The Show Container widget lets you build a separate sub-Show for each of the service desks.  Each of the sub-Shows is the same size, width, and height, as the panel in the main Show into which they fit.

How it Works:

  1. Image of consolidated national service desks on single screenMain Show is the National Service Desk Show which will play on the screen(s). The Main Show has four panels.  See the example above.
  2. Also, three of the names of the panels in the National Service Desk Show are Service Desk One; Service Desk Two and Service Desk Three. See example above.
  3. Each of these three panels has a corresponding Show which is the same height and width, in pixels.  Service Desk One panel has a corresponding Show called SD1
    1. The Service Desk Two panel has a corresponding Show called SD2
    2. And finally, the Service Desk Three panel has a corresponding Show called SD3
  4. All three service desks manage their own Show – SD1, SD2, and SD3. Only they have access to their own Show
  5. The National Service Desk Show uses the Show Container widget in the playlist of each of the 3 Service desk panels. The Show Container widget pulls in the three service desk Shows – SD1, SD2, and SD3, into their panels.
  6. Each service desk has both the responsibility and authority for the content in their Show. Their Show is a sub-Show, in the National Service Desk Show. The Owners of the National Service Desk Show, control their own content in the panel called Cross-Organizational Info.  They also control the insertion of the sub-Shows into their corresponding panels.

The sub-Shows are independent of the Master Show.  However, because they all come together in a Master Show, they appear simultaneously in real-time on the screen.  The “Show Container” widget is really a Show Within a Show.

Show Container Widget

The Show Container widget allows content from 4 different groups to:

  • Come together seamlessly in real time
  • Also, each content panel is created, controlled and maintained by a different group or individual responsible for that panel
  • Finally, the Master Show is controlled by Operations but they can only choose to include or not include the Show from each Service desk. Operations cannot control the content in the Service desk Shows – SD1, SD2, and SD3.

This example is a real-life customer example.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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