Contact Center Stats Display & Configuration Widget released for Display5 CMS

Display5 is pleased to announce the general availability of its 3rd generation contact center stats display and configuration widget.  The new widget works seamlessly within the Display5 Content Management System (CMS).  Users familiar with Display5’s easy to use CMS will quickly adopt the new contact Center stats display widget.  The widget allows users to configure and display real-time stats in creative ways on screens of all sizes.

Paul Gragtmans, President of Display5, stated, “Our 3rd generation contact center stats configuration and display widget is more powerful, easier to use and delivers the fastest real-time updates from the contact center switch.  Feedback from customers has been spectacular!”

The new widget not only works seamlessly with the Display5 CMS, but it is integrated with the other modules of the Display5 platform.  This tight integration provides many additional capabilities:

  • Email alerts for specified users
  • Custom rules for email alerts which are easy to set up
  • Integration with Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Symposium and others
  • Fully customizable stats pages
  • Custom rules for stats display
  • Threshold colour options for foreground and background
  • New style options for text, fonts, colors, bezels and labels
  • And much more

Contact center stats can be displayed on the whole screen or parts of the screen.  The stats can be combined on the screens with virtually any other type of content – videos, twitter feeds, ticker messages, time and date, weather and much, much more.  The full capability of the Display5 platform in contact centers provides customers with unparalleled communication capability on their network of display screens both locally and in satellite locations.  Users can easily switch screens to live town hall broadcasts, play live TV feeds, show live webcam feeds when desired, or combine live stats with live content or many of the other types of digital content available through the Display5 CMS.

The new stats management pages allow the user to create alert lists, email configuration, threshold triggers (e.g. Service level below 80%) view current values retrieved from the switch, reset all values in the database (nightly cleanup) and create stat types from one or more skill lists.  Stat values available include Service level, calls waiting, max wait time, calls answered after threshold, agents available, agents on skill, agents not ready, total calls answered and many more.

For full details on the Display5 Contact Center solution for digital signs, wallboards or readerboards, please see here

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