Display5 Provides Kaltura Digital Signage Solution

We are very excited to be the first, and to date, the only Kaltura digital signage solution.  Display5 is now tightly integrated with the Kaltura video on demand platform for enterprise customers.  Integrating Display5’s digital media communications platform with Kaltura has some really tangible benefits for Kaltura customers.

  1. First, it gives the Kaltura video assets, which customers have invested in, a whole new life on digital signs, video walls and small displays.  These screens are found all through a customer’s enterprise and can now play Kaltura digital signage.
  2. The integration takes what were two islands of technology and allows them to work together seamlessly.  Kaltura customers using the Display5 platform can simply pull videos, video playlists or live Kaltura streams onto the screens.

Paul Gragtmans, Display5 President stated, “ Kaltura is one of the leaders in the corporate video platform market.”

“Our tight integration with Kaltura’s video on demand platform allows Kaltura customers to easily use those video assets in a whole new way.  Kaltura customers have made a substantial investment in corporate video assets for corporate communications, education and marketing,  As we continue to respond to customer demand, our solutions will work together in more ways than we had first envisioned.  For example, customers can use their digital displays for live Kaltura broadcasts, and when the broadcast ends, automatically switch to a digital signage Show.  Both platforms become more powerful for the customer through this integration.”

Kaltura and Display5 are both based on web architectures allowing the technologies to easily connect.  Display5 gives customers a single CMS to create live canvases or Shows for digital signs, video walls and room booking panels.  The tight integration as a Kaltura digital signage solution allows customers to place videos or sections of video on large canvases like a video wall, or on a room booking panel outside a corporate meeting room.  One CMS, multiple form factors of display.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Kaltura.

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