New Receptionist Ticker Panel & Level 2 User Functionality Video

For a Level 2 user,

Digital signage or video walls in lobbies project a modern and progressive company image. Lobbies are a highly visible and obvious place for digital signs. They are also an excellent way to communicate corporate messages to employees and visitors entering and exiting buildings.

A common request for these digital lobby signs is to allow a receptionist to manage the ticker welcome messages. Message personalization for visitors is very welcoming.

A really nice touch!
Digital lobby sign with welcome ticker

Display5 now has a special panel called the “Receptionist Ticker” which can be added to any new Show template and managed by the lobby receptionist – a Level 2 User – NEW!

With minimal training a receptionist can:
  • Create a new ticker message
  • Copy and make quick changes to message content
  • Schedule the time each message plays to sync with when visitors are expected
  • View and manage the timeline of message play
  • And more …

Watch a short video demo of the Receptionist Ticker panel and to understand more about what it means to enable a Level 2 user on the Display5 platform.

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