Omnilert Digital Signage Capabilities a part of the Display5 Platform

We are pleased to announce that Display5 has recently completed the integration between the Omnilert Emergency notification platform and Display5’s digital media communications platform.  On a very simple level this will allow Display5 customers to easily add an Omnilert digital signage RSS feed widget to their Shows.

The widget is a part of the Display5 content management system (CMS) and works similarly to many of the other Display5 widgets. The RSS feed is always a part of the Show but it is only visible when an Omnilert RSS notification has been sent out.  Once the Omnilert RSS alert has been received, the RSS alert is displayed as a ticker message on the screen as designed.

Omnilert customers may have an emergency management need beyond RSS notifications appearing as an Omnilert digital signage RSS feed on their campus/corporate screens.  For these customers Display5 has integrated the an RTI (real time interface) into their Advanced Emergency Management module.  The RTI “listens” for an Omnilert notification and when it “hears” a notification, it triggers a pre-designed emergency Show.  When triggered, these Omnilert digital signage pre-designed emergency Shows can instantly take over the entire digital screen.

Operations staff in security offices or emergency centers can use the full capabilities of the Display5 Advanced Emergency Management Module in an active emergency situation.  They can manually override any content on the displays located across the campus of buildings.  They can display different messages on different screens depending on how they have configured their emergency zones.

With the extensive capabilities of both systems, Display5 and Omnilert can continue to build on their integration as customer needs arise.

Paul Gragtmans, Display5 President stated, “ Omnilert is one of the leaders in the Emergency notification market.  We are pleased to have completed the integration to their platform for the benefit of both of our customers.”

Do find out more about Display5’s Advanced Emergency Management module …       Learn More

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