Doing More Than Playing a Show?

Do you need some of your Players to do more than Play a Show?

Players Play & Sometimes More

Most digital signage players are dedicated to playing digital signage shows.  The main reason for that is from a historical perspective playing digital signage content on a player performed best when the compute resources of the player were dedicated to that single task.  Taking compute cycles away from that task might cause an interruption or a jitter in the content play.  Today, a more powerful player, designed with the right software, i.e. built for purpose, can allow a player to be used to do more than play a Show.

What else might you want to ask the player to do other than play a digital Show?

  • Print from the player
  • Connect to a Point-of-Sale terminal (POS)
  • Connect a camera to the player

Most of these things are something that a browser does not do.  You can print a page from a browser but only if there is a print driver installed on the device, just like you laptop or desktop computer has, which actually does the talking to the printer to tell it what to print.

Display5 runs on a browser. This gives our customers:

  1. The widest choice of players to choose from when using our software, and
  2. This is why we do not charge any player licensing fees.

Running on a browser also implies that you can only do what a browser is capable of doing.  With the support of HTML5 across the wide range of browsers available, the capabilities of the browser have taken a huge leap forward and will continue to do so as HTML advances further.

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