Give Your Qumu Video Assets a Whole New Life

Play Qumu Videos and Qumu Live Events on screens across Your

Network of Digital Displays

Display5 lets you use your Qumu players integrated into our CMS

Seamlessly Extending Your Qumu Assets to

Workplace and Public Displays

Qumu Account Log in

Log into your Qumu account from within the Display5 CMS.  Login by Account holder.

Play Qumu Assets

Play Qumu videos, audio files, Media playlists, or Qumu live events.  Qumu players are directly embedded within the Display5 CMS.

Flexible Play Options

Display5 lets you play your Qumu videos and live streams on displays of any size, any resolution of video supported by the screen and play full screen, part of the screen, multiple videos, or use a video as a background.

Customize the Presentation

Display5 lets you manage the look and feel of the Qumu video or live stream.  You can add transitions; change the opacity of the video; and add other content panels to compliment the video or live stream being played.

Asset Storage

The Display5-Qumu integration provides all the options you need at your disposal.  Pull your Qumu video content directly from Qumu or store Qumu assets in the Display5 Media library.  You can use whichever option suits your IT deployment architecture.

Automatic Switching

With Display5 you can program automatic switching on your displays from digital signage to live streaming events and back to digital signage.  Centrally control sound on/off, source input to screen and audio levels.

Control & Tracking

Display5’s CMS gives you 100% flexibility to schedule when your videos play and logging when they played, by simply turning on ‘Proof of Play’.

Closed Captioning

Display5 supports Qumu Closed Captioning on videos.

Display5 Show with Qumu Video

Corporate marketing videos from Qumu platform combined with other content elements:  images; time & date; logo.  Click on image to see Display5 Show play live.

Qumu digital signage

Display5 Show with Qumu Live Stream

Higher Ed live stream from Qumu platform (simulated) combined with other content elements:  live twitter feed; ticker message; time; branding.  Click on image to see Display5 Show play live.

Digital Signage Live Stream

Display5 Meeting Room panel with Qumu Video in Background

Marketing video from Qumu platform used in the background of a meeting room status and booking panel (tablet sized display).  Video could be added foreground, in section of screen or be full screen with room status rotating in as desired.  Great flexibility.  Click on image to see Display5 Show Play Live.

Room Scheduling panels with video

Qumu Account Login from within Display5 Platform

Easily access your Qumu video assets by logging directly into your Qumu account from within Display5 platform.  Display5 can be configured to accommodate login by Account holder.

Qumu digital signage

Select Media Item from Qumu Account from within Display5

Once you are logged into your qumu account from within Display5 you can seamlessly pull Qumu videos from your account into the Display5 platform to play within the Display5 Show (playlist).

Qumu digital signage

Display5 has Customized Qumu Slides

Easily add a Qumu video asset or Qumu live stream to a Display5 Show (playlist)

Qumu digital signage

Each Qumu video, media list or live stream gives you the flexibility to specify exactly how you would like the content to appear, when it plays and how it is played.  See the image of a Display5 Qumu video link slide where many of the details about the slide are specified, including the Qumu player.

Qumu digital signage

Store Qumu Video Assets in the Qumu Cloud or import into Display5 Media Library

Referencing Qumu Cloud Videos for play in Display5 Playlist

Video assets remain in the Qumu Cloud
Videos referenced in Display5 Show playlist
Leverages Qumu Studio players
Leverages Qumu video delivery technology
Uses the Qumu player which enables Closed Captioning display; start point & duration specification

Pulling Qumu Videos into Display5 Media Library

Qumu videos easily pulled into the Display5 Media library
Qumu videos stored in the Display5 Media library as an MP4 video for play in Display5 Shows
Apply Meta tags to Qumu videos in Display5 Media library
Qumu digital signage

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