Welcome Ticker Messages on Digital Signs

Welcome ticker messages

Welcome ticker messages on digital screens or video walls, in lobbies, project a modern and forward-thinking company image.  For that reason, lobbies are a highly visible and obvious place for digital signs.  And, they are also an excellent way to communicate corporate messages to employees and visitors as they enter and exit buildings.

Consequently, a common request for these digital Welcome ticker messageslobby signs is for a receptionist to manage the ticker welcome messages.  Message personalization for visitors is also very welcoming.  A really nice touch!

But, in most cases, the receptionists only want to manage the welcome messages and no other content.  Certainly, this is true in busy lobbies where you have guests, customers, vendors, and suppliers, coming and going all day long.  Keeping it simple is important.

Easy to Manage Welcome Ticker Messages

Receptionists like the ability to set up all the messages at the beginning of the day for all expected visitors. This includes:

  • First, creating a new message
  • And, copying messages to make quick changes to the message content. For instance, copying allows them to keep all the formatting of the message and not having to re-create the format.
  • As well, they schedule the time for each message to play during the day. For visitors arriving around the same time, multiple welcome ticker messages can play one after the other. The message(s) will loop for their scheduled duration.
  • Similarly, deleting older messages from the welcome ticker message queue
  • And finally, adjusting the look and feel of the messages.  For example, the font, font size, or the message’s speed of play.

Making Adjustments During the Day to the Welcome Ticker Messages

A typical welcome message plays for 20 to 30 minutes.  That is to say, around the arrival of the visitor.  After that, it stops playing.  And a welcome ticker message can play for any length of time.  Queuing the messages for the whole day is important, but receptionists also need to be able to:

  • First, quickly adjust to any changes in visitor arrival – in seconds
  • Secondly, add or delete a message quickly

Above all, this capability needs to be easy to use for the receptionist.

In fact, it would be ideal if the training can be simplified to only the ticker content management.  Similarly, with some pre-formatted ticker messages in the ticker message playlist, it is very simple to manage. All they do is manage the welcome ticker message text itself and the timing of the play.  In short, no Content Management System (CMS) to learn.

Meanwhile, corporate communications or another group manages the other content on the digital signs.  And, the receptionist just manages the ticker.

This sounds straightforward. But, having the welcome ticker, uncoupled from the rest of the content on the screen is not that common.  Therefore, if the welcome ticker can be managed separately from the rest of the content, it simplifies training for the receptionist.  So, they do not need to learn how to use a CMS.

Display5’s Receptionist Ticker for Welcome Ticker Messages

Display5 has a special panel called the “Receptionist Ticker” which can be added to any new Show template.  This special panel is a part of the Show layout just like any other panel.  But, the only difference is that Level 2 users will be able to access this panel.  Moreover, level 2 users cannot access any of the regular panels in a Show layout.  For example, a Show with 5 different panels, one of which is a Receptionist Ticker panel, is created and managed by the regular content creators/editors. For instance, adding in Canva or PosterMyWall designs.

However, when a level 2 user is given access to the Show, the user will only be able to edit the panel which is the Receptionist Ticker.  In other words, this simplifies the interface for the receptionist.  Similarly, a level 2 user is a separate class of user who only has the ability to manage ticker and text messages.  So, they have a login and are given access to one or more Shows.  But, they will only be able to see and manage the receptionist ticker panel content for those Shows.

Simplified Training and Use

Most importantly, the restricted access simplifies the training and the day-to-day use of this panel.  Consequently, a level 2 user, can simply manage the welcome ticker messages queue for the receptionist ticker panel.  In addition, they will be adding and scheduling new messages for play and deleting old messages.  In short, they schedule messages daily, on-demand. or any time in advance.

To learn more please watch the video on the right, or visit here and watch our the full series of training videos on the Receptionist Ticker.

To try it out, contact us at sales@display5.com

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