Platform Overview

The video series below provides a platform overview of Display5’s Digital Media Communications Platform.  The videos are  for content creation and control on Digital Signs, Video walls, Room Panels, In-room displays and kiosks.  One Platform. One CMS.  All your favourite content on all your screens.

The training videos on this page provide a Display5 platform overview, with topics on the architecture, structure, components and navigation.

Why 100% Web-based?

The Display5 Dashboard

Video 2, in the Display5 Platform Overview Series

In this video, we go over the Display5 Dashboard, by looking at the different functions of the Display5 platform, which are brought together on this single page for quick access.

The Dashboard

How to access the Dashboard

The Dashboard Components

Overview of the different components of the Display5 Dashboard

Display5's Menu Structure and Navigation

Video 3, in the Display5 Platform Overview Series

In this video, we will take a tour through the menu structure of the Display5 platform.

Primary Menu Items

What are the primary menu items & which ones will you find on your Display5 implementation.

Show Management

A detailed tour of this Primary menu and its sub-menu components.

Secondary Menu Items

The sub-menu items revealed under the primary menu items

Other Menu Items

A quick overview of the remaining primary menu items and where a more detailed training video can be found.

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