All you need is ONE

One single sign-in. One single signage CMS. One Platform.

On any screen size or resolution, with any full function browser to play your content.

Who benefits from single CMS platform?


IT Manager

Easy to manage & integrate into the fabric of your corp IT infrastructure



Apply your skills & favourite content tools to digital signs, room signs, video walls +++


Corp Comm

Messaging across all digital screens consistent with other channels



One platform to license, operate and maintain reduces the total cost of ownership

Other benefits …

One CMS fits all

Capability across the network of signage increases, and so does the flexibility for content deployment regardless of screen resolution or canvas size.

On-Top messaging

Play different messages on top of current content real-time. Room panels on campus can seamlessly switch to broadcast emergency announcements with zero gap.

Cross-platform management

Simplified compliance and support for IT and Network engineers to control content from players and audiovisual automation devices, plus lower  licensing costs.

Remote Management

Readily compatible with all remote device management platforms on the digital signage hardware market – exactly why our partners love us.

Let’s get started.

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