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We have packaged the training videos in the Display5 Video Training Portal. into different series to support your Display5 implementation and enable the platform to scale within your organization.  These videos will help you learn the features and functions of the platform if Display5 is new for you, or if you need a refresher now and then.

#1: Platform Overview

This video series provides a tour of the platform navigation and highlights how to get quick access to key platform features.

Video Topics Available:

  1. Dashboard Overview
  2. The Menu: Structure and functional overview

#2: CMS Basics

The Display5 Content Management System (CMS) Basics

Video Topics Available:

  1. The CMS Building Blocks
  2. Show Framework Builders & Pre-designed Templates
  3. Features and functions to build a Show Panel layout
  4. How to generate, position and size panels on a Show canvas
  5. Building a Panel layout for a New Show
  6. Power features & tools in the Show Framework Builder
  7. The Panel Layout Builder 

#3: Widget Basics

This video series gives a user the fundamentals of what individual content items are.  Widgets, and how they are added to the playlists within the Show Framework.

Video Topics Available:

  1. Display5 Widgets
  2. Widget categories and navigation
  3. Widgets in each Widget category
  4. Widget Settings Overview
  5. Content Scheduling Settings Icon
  6. Text Settings Icon
  7. Custom Settings Icon
  8. Common Settings Icon

#4: Panel Playlists

This video series gives a user the fundamentals of the playlist associated with each panel; how to navigate the playlist; and the functions and features associated with panel playlists.

Video Topics Available:

  1. Playlist navigation
  2. The “More” button: Editing, Copying, Deleting and other widget management functions
  3. Playlist functions and tools: The buttons at the bottom of the playlist
  4. Edit Show Properties

#5: Widgets

This video series gives a user the fundamentals of the unique features of each widget, and how to adjust the widget’s parameters to get the content to look and play exactly as desired.

Video Topics Available:

  1. The Date & Time Widget
  2. Design templates from Canva and PosterMyWall
  3. The PosterMyWall Widget
  4. The Image Widget
  5. The YouTube Widget
  6. The QR Code Generator Widget
  7. More widget videos coming soon!

#6: Control & Scheduling

This video series gives a user an understanding of the unparalleled content control and scheduling capabilities in the Display5 platform.

Video Topics Available:

  1. Overview of Content Control & Scheduling
  2. Managing Scheduled Content
  3. The Show Container widget: A Show in a Show
  4. Blank Slides & Transparent panels
  5. A Show Sequence
  6. Show Scheduling
  7. The Show Pointer widget

#7: Reception Ticker Panel

This series of videos explains the Reception Ticker panel.  The only panel type which a Level 2 user is able to access and manage.  A simple but powerful feature when building Shows which multiple users will manage.

Video Topics Available:

  1. The Reception Ticker Panel overview
  2. Creating a Reception Ticker panel
  3. Reception Ticker panel, Level 2 user capabilities
  4. Managing the Reception Ticker panel content
  5. Message Scheduling for the Reception Ticker Panel
  6. The Timeline for the Reception Ticker Panel

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