100% Web-Based Signage?

Many digital signage platforms support web content to some degree, but if you want the power of a signage platform that is 100% web-based, how will you know what to look for?

You'll kNOW IT'S 100% WEB-BASED if it runs on any full function browser & if...

HTML Canvas

You can build an HTML canvas with the signage software

URL Launch

You can play the finished content from a URL

Easily Preview

You can easily preview the content (finished or draft) from anywhere you can log in


You can schedule content months in advance in your active playlist and know it will play?


The CMS allows any type of content, on any screen type - digital signs, room panels, video walls or kiosks?

Player Independance

The signage platform works with any player that supports a full function browser?


LIVE content. - streaming or updates is instantly reflected in signage play

Web Interactive

You can build content which supports live interactivity for the user

Web Platforms

The platform can easily integrate other web platforms within it's editor

Web Anything

You can do anything web, not just support some web functionality 

Switching & Triggering

You can instantly switch content or be triggered to play other content by an event

Clock Test

It can pass the clock test, run multiple clocks from different timezones on a screen

Advantages of 100% Web-based Signage

Web-based digital signage is the promising architecture for the future of digital signage. The key advantages are: more digital signage content sources; unparalleled content control and scheduling; a single CMS across all screen sizes and resolutions; and independent screen and player choices.

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