Web-based Room Scheduling

Room Status & Instant Booking

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Room Status Display Widgets providing Ultimate Flexibility & Control

One platform, One CMS, to manage Room Panels & Digital Signs

Managing your room status information across your organization with a web-based room scheduling and booking system gives you much more flexibility and control.  And, it uses the same CMS for the digital signs. That means any content that you have on a digital sign can go on your room panels.  In addition, any room status information on your room panels can go on your digital signs!

Any screen size or resolution. The Display5 solution will stick with you for the long term. 


Cloud or

Any Screen, Any Res

No Limitations

Combine Content

Infinite Possibilities

Web-based Room Scheduling Sample Screens

web-based room scheduling

More options for displaying room information ...

Different Tablet Screens Sizes & Orientations

Display5’s CMS can be used to design a screen layout for any tablet screen which can support a full function browser.

It works with any size tablet: 8″, 10″,  22″, or other sizes.

The tablets can be either landscape or portrait orientation.

We work on just about any manufacturer – AOPEN, Crestron, IAdea, iPads, Android tablets and more.

Digital Signs

The Display5 Room info widgets can also be used on any size digital sign.  Use the widgets on the screen canvas in different ways:

  1. As a part of the screen dedicated to room info
  2. As a large dedicated room info screen
  3. Have the room info for multiple rooms all displayed on a single digital sign 

Video Walls

Add room widget information to video walls.

Place the room info anywhere on the video wall canvas and schedule it to play when you want it displayed.

Floor Plans Layouts

Use the Room widget information on top of floor plan layouts to provide room availability for the floor at a glance.

Many creative ways to display occupancy information.

IoT Integration
- Unlock Doors

We offer customized integration to other IoT sub-systems.

For example, we have integrated room panels to the door lock system, allowing users to input their credentials to unlock the room from the room panel.

Display5’s architecture makes integration with IoT sub-systems a reality.

Cloud or On-Premise Deployment



We can run offer you a fully hosted cloud based solution for your room panels. We currently offer this for Microsoft O365, Google Calendar and EMS (Accruent).  If you have another scheduling platform you would like us to connect to with a Cloud solutions, please contact us.



We have supported on-premise deployments for years and will continue to support them as long as customers prefer this option.  In addition to Microsoft O365, Google Calendar and EMS (Accruent) we also support on-premise Microsoft Exchange implementations.

Ultimate Flexibility & Enterprise Capability

Becoming Part of Your IT Infrastructure

Supporting a new application within your IT environment is mandatory. The Display5 Platform has been integrated into many corporate IT environments. We know what it takes to integrate and connect. SSO, security, backup, databases, applications, VoD platforms, Office systems …


Simple security certification because Display5 uses your certified corporate browser(s) to manage the platform and to play content.

Awesome Support

Display5 provides a responsive and highly qualified support team.  With multiple ways to connect and take care of all your Contact Center Digital Signage and Agent desktop communication software needs.

Try Display5 Now

If you haven’t had the chance yet, try Display5 and see how it can power digital content from all your favorite sources: Canva, PosterMyWall, Adobe, PowerPoint and more!

Note: The “Start Free Trial” button below will allow you to test all the content capabilities except the Contact Center widgets.  If you are a Genesys Cloud customer, you can test the contact center widgets by signing up for a free trial there.  Otherwise reach out to us for a demonstration and discussion on the contact center components of the platform.


Try Display5 free for 14 days, no credit card required.  By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Display5.

How To? FAQs for Getting Started with Room Panels

Once you have tried Display5 and you are ready to get the content playing on your room panels, these FAQs can help you get started.

How do you get the Display5 Show to play on a room panel?

When you have built your Show and are ready to view it on a ROOM PANEL, all you need to do is PREVIEW the Show when you are logged into Display5.  When you are looking at your Show in the PREVIEW window, go to the ADDRESS BAR, in the top-left of the PREVIEW window and copy the URL.  That URL, is the URL for your Show. And when you put that URL in the browser of the ROOM PANEL, it will play your Show. 

How do I control all the Room panels?

You will need to register each one of your ROOM PANELS.  Registering a Room panel is only required ONCE, and takes about 5 minutes.  Once your Room panels is registered, you will be able to change the content playing on them instantly from where ever you can log in from a browser. To learn the 5-minute process of registering a Room panel, please go to this page, and see #1, Step 5.

How can I monitor my Room panels? Getting started digital signage

With your subscription, you will be able to monitor each of your registered Room panels from your Display5 dashboard once you log in.  You will be able to instantly see the status of each of your Room panels, restart them any time, switch the content playing on them.  To learn more about the dashboard, please go to this page.

How do I set up the browser on the Room panel?

When you first set up the Room panel’s browser, we recommend that you change some of the settings in the browser to make the playing of your content smooth and uninterrupted.  These include making sure the content plays on the full screen and making sure that if you use videos, the videos will automatically play (the default is for videos to NOT play automatically.  To learn the simple browser settings adjustmentsplease go to this page – Section #1, Step 4.

Note: Display5 runs on any full-function browser – Chrome, FireFax, Edge, Safari, etc. It also works on browsers that run on Linux, Android, or Smart TVs. Not all of these browsers have the full set of HTML feature support found in Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, so they may not be able to use all the functionality in Display5.  A lower functionality browser may work for you if you are using simple functions in Display5.

Does Display5 have any online training?

We have over 30 training videos that you can access online anytime, and we are always adding more.  The videos are presented in a structured way to help you navigate to exactly where you need to go.  Please go here to access our video training portal.

Commercial devices vs Consumer tablets

Display5 works on both but we recommend Commercial. Why?

Significantly Enhanced Control

Commercial devices are made to be a part of a network of displays and provide enhanced programming and remote control capabilities such as: programmable colored display lights; remote re-boot of device; capability to remotely turn on / off; remotely change device settings, e.g. brightness; Access RS232 port, NFC

Ruggedized Operating Environment

Built for 24 hour, 7-days per week operation in a wide range of operating environments. Lower ongoing device management operations leads to a lower TCO.

Better Hardware

Commercial devices provide greater reliability, enhanced security, and more robust hardware features for the commercial environment.

No Fire Hazard

Consumer tablets, like iPads, are not meant to be plugged in 24 hours a day. When they are, they become a potential fire hazard.

Easier Installation

Commercial devices come with built in VESA mounts and POE making installation easier and less costly.


Leverage APIs for device light control, NFC and more. Add hardware drivers or request special features.

Our clients say

"Create a single Display5 Show and deploy it to hundreds of Room panels, each room display taking local info for unique characteristics, e.g. room name, time, weather ..."
Eric V.R.
IT Operations Support Dir.
"Display5's architecture allows us to make our network of room status tablets part of our emergency messaging system. We can instantly switch the content on our room panels to be part of the response to an onsite emergency."
Kris V.
AV Comm Support Team Lead
"Make sure the room panels across your network are operating effectively. Using Display5 with commercial display tablets lets you take snapshots of Show activity on the display panels, enhancing your control of the network of panels and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)."
genesys wallboards digital signs
Darren H.
Real Estate Operations Manager
"With Display5's single CMS architecture, we can add any type of content to our Room Booking panels, ticker messages, promotional videos, weather, or KPIs. The possibilities are endless!"
Jamie H.
Communications Support Team