Corporate Screensaver

Why do organizations struggle with their corporate screensaver?

With Display5’s screensaver signage file and a single platform CMS, it is much easier to manage your organization’s screensaver communications.  Combine any of Display5’s content types and have them play on the screensaver.  Any time you want to change the screensaver content, just change the Show in Display5, no need to update or replace the screensaver file on the corporate desktop image.  Easier for IT, easier for Corporate Communications.

Manage content using a single platform for all screen types

Digital Media Communications Platform

Corporate Screensaver Benefits will Scale & Multiply

Message Types

  • Shape corporate culture, behavioral change
  • Company News
  • Healthcare – Wellbeing
  • Marketing – Promotion
  • Community building
  • Tactical storytelling
  • Emergency – Crisis communication
  • Event reminders
  • Countdown clocks
  • Change announcements & Initiatives
  • Executive video messages
Integrated QR code generator

Use Cases

  • Single screensaver (SS) Show for entire organization
  • SS Group: by division, region, department, country, etc.
  • In-Meeting-Room signage
  • Alternate digital signage deployment
  • Lobby PCs, Kiosks, etc. become digital signs when not in use

Corporate Screensaver Implementation & Management

Easily communicate all message types & use cases, using the same CMS to create and play content on your corporate screensaver, as you use to communicate content streams to any other type of display. Including HTML canvas editors from Canva and PosterMyWall.  Simplifies, streamlines and makes it easy to keep the content on the screensaver current and relevant all the time. 

IT Set-up

Install Once
Set & Forget

End User

One time
Log in

Corp Comm

100% Content & Control Capabilities

No more struggle to update the content. No limitations to content types. Synced content to office space. Full management capability. No ongoing requirement for IT to continually change the content in the corporate screensaver file.  So easy you will find new ways to use the screensaver signage across your organization!

Quick Demo


Corporate Screensaver

  • Create and combine any content widget types
  • Sync content streams with office space signage
  • Utilize full control and scheduling capabilities
  • Instantly publish to content stream (Show)
  • Engage the audience with great content
  • Interact with QR codes
  • Part of Display5 enterprise platform
Display5 Desktop Screensaver Show
corporate screensaver

Ultimate Flexibility & Enterprise Capability

Becoming Part of Your IT Infrastructure

Supporting a new application within your IT environment is mandatory. The Display5 Platform has been integrated into many corporate IT environments. We know what it takes to integrate and connect. SSO, security, backup, databases, applications, VoD platforms, Office systems …


Simple security certification because Display5 uses your certified corporate browser(s) to manage the platform and to play content.

Awesome Support

Display5 provides a responsive and highly qualified support team.  With multiple ways to connect and take care of all your Digital Media streams, across your organization.