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digital signage content inventory

Digital Signage with All Your Content Inventory

140 + Widgets

Use the full power of Display5’s CMS to create many different types of Show layouts for any type of communication by any size screens you have across your organization.

HTML Canvas Editors

An HTML canvas integrated into a digital signage platform is like a CMS, inside a CMS.  Display5 offers you 3 choices of integrated HTML canvas editors – Canva, PosterMyWall & our Montage.


We support video better than any other signage platform.  Most video file types, YouTube, Vimeo & we are tightly integrated with leading enterprise video and streaming platforms.


Import your images from any of your favourite sources: Stock image providers or media creation tools.  Use them within HTML canvases, as main or background content; apply Ken Burns effects. The possibilities are endless.

Dynamic Content

Include almost any kind of dynamic content on part or all of the screen. RSS feeds,  Embeds, web pages and most Social Media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Integrated content from many sources including real-time Contact Center info, Office calendar info from O365, Google Cal or Exchange; transport info, e.g. Transport for London; or if you have a custom requirement, contact us.

What's your favourite content tool?

Readily compatible with your favourite content source, the Display5 platform is already part of your workflow. See for yourself how easy it is to use our integrated Canva and PosterMyWall editors or to simply import your Adobe or PowerPoint images or clips into the Display5 CMS.

digital signage content inventory
digital signage content inventory
digital signage content inventory

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digital signage content inventory

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