digital signage content inventory

You, in control of your content, played on your schedule.

Digital signage content control. Schedule content for anytime you’d like. Trust Display5’s platform. It always delivers. It always exceeds expectations.

Advanced Content Control Features


Nested Shows

Simplify complex designs. Pull a design from one Show into another - tap into this powerful capability with just a few mouse clicks. What a game changer!


Distribute Content Control

Centrally control or use one of a dozen tools to distribute content control on part of a screen, or full screen.


Invisible Content

Using our Blank slides can render a panel invisible for a few seconds, or until an emergency arises.


Instant Switching & Triggering

Live events, emergency triggers, +++ Switch the content stream instantly - ad hoc or automatically.


The Most Granular Scheduling

Control precisely when each piece of content plays. Schedule months in advance - set & forget.


Global Content, Local Flavour

Design content for everyone in your organization, but play it with local information.

We can play any content, anywhere, when we want it to play ... and we can allocate content control between local and global users in a variety of ways.

And with a content approval process built into the platform and connected to our corporate email system we truly have a platform that delivers just what we need.

Why Display5 for Digital Signage Content Control?

True Web Based 

Almost anything that can be done in a web browser can be displayed using Display5's platform. No limit. No restriction. Easy customizations.

Custom Requirement

We understand some things are unique to you. Hassle-free integrations & customizations are important to enterprises, working in concert with your IT infrastructure.

One CMS, One Platform

The same widgets can be used to create content for any screen size and any resolution. Digital signs, video walls, room panels, kiosks and more.

The Support You Will Love

Our customers say they will never leave because the support is too good to let go. With Display5 you get our team supporting your team.

Try Display5 free for 14 days, no credit card required.