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Whether you are a small business, a department within a larger organization, or if you want to manage digital signage content over a few screens across several operational sites. 


Per month

  • Up to 10 displays
  • 5GB Storage
  • 5 Users
  • Support


Per month

  • 11 to 25 displays
  • 10GB Storage
  • 10 Users
  • Support


Per month

  • 26 to 50 displays
  • 25GB Storage
  • 20 Users
  • Support

What Else Do You Need to Get Going?

A screen or Display

A digital sign, room panel, video wall or kiosk. Any size and any resolution. Click icon for more info ...


A player (or small computer) which can run a full function browser like Chrome, Safari, Edge, FireFox, etc., and is attached to the screen. Click icon ...

How To? FAQs

When you have built your Show and are ready to view it on a DIGITAL SIGN, all you need to do is PREVIEW the Show when you are logged into Display5.  When you are looking at your Show in the PREVIEW window, go to the ADDRESS BAR, in the top-left of the PREVIEW window and copy the URL.  That URL is the URL for your Show. And when you put that URL in the browser of the PLAYER attached to the DIGITAL SIGN, it will play your Show.

You will need to register each one of your PLAYERS that are attached to your screens.  Registering a player is only required ONCE, and takes about 5 minutes.  Once your players are registered, you will be able to change the content playing on them instantly from where ever you can log in from a browser. To learn the 5 minute process of registering a player, please go to this page.

With your subscription, you will be able to monitor each of your registered players from your Display5 dashboard once you log in.  You will be able to instantly see the status of each of your displays, restart them any time, switch the content playing on them.  To learn more about the dashboard, please go to this page.

When you first set up the player’s browser, we recommend that you change some of the settings in the browser to make the playing of your content smooth and uninterupted.  These including amking sure the content plays on the full screen and making sure that videos will automatically play (the default is for videos to NOT play automatically.  To learn the simple browser settings adjustments please go to this page.

Note: Display5 runs on any full function browser – Chrome, FireFax, Edge, Safari, etc. It also works on browsers that run on Linux, Android or Smart TVs. Not all of these browsers have the full set of HTML feature support found in Chrome, Safari, Edge, FireFox, so they may not be able to use all the functionality in Display5.  A lower functionality browser may work for you if you are using simple functions in Display5.

We have over 30 training videos which you can access online anytime, and we are always adding more.  The videos are presented in a structured way to help you navigate to exactly where you need to go.  Please go here to access our video training portal.

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Industry & Solution Focused


Welcoming signs, Pro Shop, Tennis, Fitness, pool, SPA, food service and more. One platform to create and manage the content on all your screens across your entire Club facility.

Contact Center

Integrated with the leading Contact Center suppliers, including Amazon, Avaya, Cisco & Genesys.  Combine your stats with any other content on wallboards or agent desktops.


One CMS. One platform to manage all your digital screens.  Integrated Canva & PosterMyWall editors. Use any screen or player mix (browser). Advanced campus Emerg Mgmt.


Easily publish fitness design content from PosterMyWall & Canva.  Combine with real-time info.  Manage all your screens and locations from a single browser tab.

Room Booking

Ultimate flexibility. One CMS for your room panels & your digital signs.  Calendar widgets for (O365, Google Cal, Exchange, EMS) on any size screen, or use them as content on a digital sign.

Our clients say

"The integration with Canva is a game changer for us! Now we can apply our Canva designs to our digital signs too."
Digital Designer
"We have been using Display5 for a few years now, and one of the things I love is that I can create content months in advance, schedule it to play, and it does. I just set and forget!"
Corporate Communications
"We wanted a system that would let us use the content from the tools we already use for our digital sign content. Display5 has more options than we thought were possible."
IT Manager
"With Display5 there are literally thousands of design templates we can choose from, quickly customize and instantly publish ... so easy ... so amazing!"