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digital sign HTML editor

Digital Signage CMS vs HTML canvas editor

What is the difference between most digital signage content management systems (CMS) and using an HTML canvas editor for digital signage? Is a digital signage HTML canvas editor better than a traditional digital signage CMS? Can you combine a traditional digital signage system with an HTML canvas editor? Explore the answers to these questions ...

HTML Editor for digital signage

HTML Canvas for Digital Signage

What's an HTML canvas? How can we use an HTML canvas in digital signage? Where can you find a digital signage solution that uses an HTML canvas? Read on!

Mix local and system-wide content

Mix Local and System-Wide Content on Digital Signage or Desktop Channels

Users love to mix local content with system-wide content when creating shows for screen or channel groupings with the Display5 platform.

Advantages of web-based digital signage

Advantages of Web-based Digital Signage

The advantages of web-based digital signage and how it compares to traditional player-based signage solutions.

Welcome ticker messages

Managing Welcome Ticker Messages

A common request is to allow digital lobby sign welcome messages to be managed by the receptionist(s).   Message personalization for visitors is very welcoming - a nice touch!

Building code digital signage

The Case for Building Code to include Digital Signage for Emergency Communication

What are some of the benefits of using digital signs, video walls and other public displays to enhance emergency communication?

emergency management digital signage

Emergency Management Digital Signage

How emergency content is activated on the targeted digital displays is critical.  We need to ask some important questions about our emergency management digital signage capabilities.

National Service Desk Signage

How to Consolidate Info from Multiple Service Desks’ Status into a Single National Service Desk Signage Display

National Service desk status is very important in, service organizations. The heartbeat of the operation is the live status of their current service levels. Live national service desk status is critical to the people who work there. It is even more critical when the operations are spread out geographically.

digital signage emergency messaging

Digital Signage Emergency Messaging: Keeping it Simple

On-Top or Over-programming your digital signs for urgent messages versus automatic or ad hoc switching of emergency messaging

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